Why Is Indoor Rowing The Hottest Craze? We Are Glad You Asked.

OAR is gliding into 2019 and not only are we thrilled at the community support and have made some pretty new amazing friends, but we are watching first hand the transformation of our clients. This transformation is not only physical, but there is a deep level of joy that comes from rowing in a group, everyone working toward a goal collectively. Rowing is also a tremendous stress reliever. The rhythm of the consistent movement becomes therapeutic and allows your mind to process free thoughts as your body is conducting the task. Rowing also promotes all over healthy body composition and who doesn’t want that? The balance of healthy fat-mass and fat-free mass in your body since rowing is essentially aerobic. You can burn many calories in a shorter amount of time which is a fast way to burn off fat.

And if those reasons were not enough to get you on a machine, rowing is also incredible for heart health. How best do we keep our heart healthy? We must feed our heart and body with oxygen rich blood, which is best done by strong lungs which any aerobic exercise improves, especially rowing because it is full body. That is right, every muscle group is involved here which makes for an evenly toned and evenly strong physique. The great news is you only need 30 minutes of steady exercise to improve lung strength and capacity. Happy heart equals a fulfilled body equals a peaceful mind. See how we did that?

Rowing is also incredibly fun, competitive and safe. Many of us try to go for only one type of exercise, and it usually has to do with wanting the fastest results. That sometimes leads to strength classes but that also sometimes leads to injury. Rowing is a low-impact-high result exercise, which means your knees and back and everything in -between will thank you. This is also why it is wonderful for people of all ages. You can burn twice the calories without the wear and tear on you body. Since rowing is a great core workout, it stabilizes the full body, improving joints and overall flexibility which is essential as we get older.

As if all those beautiful facts were not enough to explain this new craze, perhaps for some it is as simple as seeing Owner David Sylvester’s big welcoming smile as they come into class. Maybe they enjoy the communal feel of being with neighbors or the support of the amazing instructors and the class offerings, from fundamentals to yoga. Perhaps it is that they can listen to their own playlist while they sweat or that they literally do not need anything but their body and a strong mind, since OAR is a boutique space, offering just what you need to succeed from first step in to last step out. Who wouldn’t love the sleek ease of the design that makes up OAR with its calming blue and white notes, reminiscent of being on the water? It may be one or all those factors, but OAR is unquestionable the place you want to be. Who doesn’t want to work out with a smile, knowing they are making the best choice for their body and mind?

Check out our weekly class schedule and special offerings. Want to throw a party? We are in, we love parties and can outfit the workout just how you like it. Training for a race? Bring your team. Also, make sure to bring a friend, it is always better to share the joy.

Stay healthy. Stay strong. Stay happy.

-OAR Family

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