OAR Studio is amping up its game for the town of Lambertville, NJ

Updated: May 13, 2019

OAR Studio in Lambertville, NJ has been known to the community as its newest boutique fitness studio offering an array of workouts. OAR not only offers indoor rowing as the name suggests but also mixes in its own stylized workouts to serve its clients’ full-body needs. Taking advantage of the beautiful location that is OAR Studio's home, we have added a hybrid Run and Row class to the mix. Each Wednesday afternoon, catch Tracy Bray (aka Leany Greeny) as she leads the crew out through our industrial sleek sliding garage door that opens onto the Delaware Canal path. Class attendees enjoy fresh air on mood boosting Spring days in true OAR fashion.

Since OAR Culture focuses on inclusion and wellness as well as personalized goals and growth, all classes are mixed levels. The classes have been masterfully designed so individuals, no matter the respective fitness level, can see personal improvement in a way that is healthy and powerful. We have even added in nutritious snack options in the studio to satisfy your body after a solid workout. Feel free to grab an item, and we can conveniently ring you up with your card on file.

OAR is not only adding classes to shake up workouts but is thinking outside the box, welcoming specialists from the community to guest instruct. The month of May brings various opportunities to experience what our community has to offer.

This coming weekend you’ll have two opportunities for themed workouts. On Saturday, Mark Snyder will lead the May the 4th be with You - Jedi Workout.” You will have the rare opportunity to see Mark in a Chewbacca onesie…no joke. Then on Sunday, David Sylvester will lead a Cinco de Mayo themed workout. Expect Mexican classics on the playlist as well as a few celebratory Coronas.

Next up is an exclusive yoga class in OAR's gorgeous state of the art studio. Lambertville’s own Colby Smith will introduce yoga and stretching basics to those newer to yoga. For those of you with yoga experience, Colby will use his alignment-based flow to take your practice a step deeper. The class will be slower moving designed to help rowers keep their bodies in top form. This 90-minute exclusive event takes place Saturday, May 11th at 10:30 am. Purchase your Yoga pass here. Limited spots.

OAR will also feature a special Mother’s Day Event with details to come. If you, your friends and family want to see firsthand what OAR is all about, plan to attend our Open House event. You will be able to try a sample workout, meet and mingle with our friendly instructors and learn about our special series and summer events.

OAR has so much more up its sleeve. Community and special cause fundraisers, stunning apparel and corporate partnerships are all in the works. We’re tapping into the Corporate Market and the need for team building, offering a corporate package for local businesses and tying wellness into the community. There is something for everyone, no matter the size of the company. Included in the partnership are private event opportunities for local businesses to unwind and bond.

Going forward make sure you subscribe to the OAR Newsletter, "The Drive" for updates and special events. OAR is just getting started. OAR Studio is located at 243 North Union Street, Suite 130, Lambertville, NJ 08530.

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